Kalimera, Hello !

My name is Kostas, and I am the program director of Satradio, a web radio located in Athens, in Greece.

I’m fond of music and Satradio has been in the back of my mind since 2003. Its name comes from two words : Satellite and Radio. In 2018,
I decided to launch the idea for good.
I wanted to create a free radio animated by DJs who love every kind of music from all around the world.
Little by little, Sat radio has grown up and we are very proud to count thousands of listeners every day,
which is a good achievement for a web radio.

We have had the opportunity to interview Greek singers, like Pantelis Thalassinos, but also famous radio hosts.
Lately we have interviewed Jonathan Dassin (Joe Dassin’s son). It was live on our channel.

Today, Satradio broadcasts 16 live musical programs every week with Greek radio hosts, located in Athens but also abroad, in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Manchester (UK).
We also have a French radio presenter, William Donnarel, who broadcasts his musical show “Road Trip”, from Montauban, near Toulouse.

Besides, we work together with Hellasradio.se, located in Sweden, and our programs are broadcasted live from their platform, worldwide.

Right now, we are creating a platform meant to help dependent or disabled persons.

Satradio keeps growing worldwide and more and more people listen to our programs, as long as they get connected to our web radio on the net. Internet makes everything magic and matches our moto : “There’s no frontiers for music”.

Welcome to Satradio and enjoy your musical time with us!